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HKT48 4th Senbatsu…I dropped out。

At the Handshake Event both yesterday and today,
there were a lot of people that said to me
「Akiyoshi-chan, you’ll be Senbatsu right? I hope you will!」。

But I dropped out of Senbatsu、

and I am really sad about it。

I feel so…

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Haters gonna hate hate hate hate

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☆ colors of 48 - (inspired by (x))

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Post-Sousenkyo AKB48Group Commiseration Meeting

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Lol at Sasshi XDD!!!! Also Miichan what are you doing to Milkyyy~!!


Sashihara Rino
[AKB48 Group Dai Sokaku Matsuri Making]

The Three Musketeers 

Nana serious

Mako typical idol

Mikichan full of energy

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